Our Mission Statement

It has been the mission of Continental Building Maintenance Company since 1995 to provide its clients with cost-effective, pro-active, and responsive building janitorial maintenance service throughout the Northwest. Continental is committed to providing the best janitorial services available to all clients and tenants we serve. Our personal attention to the needs of our customers is our goal and the cornerstone of the service we provide. This attitude is reflected in the quality and quantity of the work we perform.

Over the past five years, Continental has grown both in stature and size with a restructured management organization comprised of experienced contract janitorial personnel, specialty services division, and supervisory staff, some of whom have been with Continental for years and others who have gained their experience and education with other employers. We have succeeded in creating a vibrant, successful organization, which believes that employee recognition, training, and communication are the keys to performance of exceptional and outstanding service results.

We are a client-sensitive, aggressive, and professional management team and we place a great deal of emphasis on motivation and recognition of employees, quality control, and communication. A sense of urgency is exhibited at all levels in responding to special requests or complaints and detailed follow-up on all aspects of our cleaning responsibilities, including documentation of quality control inspections and performance of periodic services. These are all required qualifications and goals of Continental people and our organizational team.