Customer Service

Continental Building Maintenance Company feels that our customers, clients, and tenants are special and need to be shown that they are appreciated. Our goal is to assure happy, satisfied customers who feel good about the service they have received from our staff of professionals. It is our management commitment to create a customer-friendly environment in which the customer is KING. This kind of environment leads to positive feelings.

It takes an understanding that good customer relations doesn't just happen automatically, but take constant work, priority, and commitment. We know that in order to create happy, satisfied customers we need to meet their expectations.

In creating this customer-friendly atmosphere, our attention is given to the interpersonal relationships of our supervisory staff, management, and on-site personnel. Our employees reflect this attitude in their working relationships, which in turn are projected to our clients, customers, and tenants.

In understanding this thing we call service, it is important to know that our customers perception determine their feelings. We strongly promote through training and follow-up the following elements of service as part of our Customer Service.

  1. Being prepared, patient, and polite.
  2. Being prompt and professional.
  3. Being committed to exceed customer expectations.
  4. Serving with empathy, efficiency, and enthusiasm.
  5. Going the extra mile when necessary, anticipating customer needs, wants, expectations.
  6. Exhibiting a positive attitude, and being adaptable to individual circumstances.
  7. Being alert, accurate, and attentive, as well as having good communications skills and a genuine commitment to providing the best possible service.
  8. Being knowledgeable about our business, products, services, policies, prices, and community.

Satisfied customers are a result of our total commitment to service excellence in meeting customer expectations.